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Acuant proudly works with hundreds of premiere partners globally including start-ups, Fortune 500 and FTSE 350 organizations in all major industries. We power millions of trusted transactions daily in over 196 countries to fight fraud, protect consumers and safeguard institutions. Acuant is committed to our partners’ excellence. Your success is our success.

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We are committed to providing a safe environment and an outstanding user experience for our customers. Acuant, a trusted market leader in identity authentication, helps us build a community of trust with our customers as we launch our platform throughout North America."

Arvin Bhangu
CEO, Boro

Boro is a peer-to-peer sharing platform that enables users to rent power tools and other popular home items from peers in local communities throughout North America

Acuant was the perfect partner for us to enable strong security and meet regulations with minimal friction to users."

Nikolay Rozhok
Founder, XIXOIO

XIXOIO is an ecosystem for crypto assets, banking and fintech solutions on Blockchain

The partnership offers the first-to-market certificate chain validation for passports, including country-specific policy controls. We are excited to bring these two world-class product sets together. Acuant provides powerful state-of-the-art security checks with rapid identity authentication. In today’s world, this full range of identity document verification is a must-have for our customers."

Bill Russell
CTO, Mount Airey Group

Mount Airey Group provides high quality security and information services with a specialized focus on innovative identity management and authorization solutions

To be able to verify that a license is real and that the person holding the phone belongs to that license is critical. So working with Acuant, we have verification of that actual ID and the selfie scan is the fact check that assures us we have the right person."

Matt Moddelmog
Director of Product, Clutch Technologies

Clutch is the leading software platform for automotive subscription and dealer mobility

Companies across all industries have begun to place greater importance on security, so we needed to provide the highest level of identity verification while maintaining an exceptional customer experience. We were immediately impressed with the quality of the product. The fact that it can instantly detect counterfeit and expired licenses was the key selling point for us."

Dino Pagliarello
VP of Product Management & Planning, Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a leading technology company that manufactures business and industrial imaging products

From day one, Acuant was very receptive. They took some risks with us early on, and believed in us. They are perfectly aligned with where the market is going. Their new validation services are very smart, and implementing their mobile solutions will be a game changer for the healthcare market. We’re very fortunate to have Acuant as a partner and we look forward to many more years of success."

Brian Stone
CFO, Clearwave

Clearwave is a digital patient self-service engagement platform that allows patient check-in with real-time insurance eligibility check

Our partnership with Acuant will help streamline the onboarding process for casino loyalty programs, which will benefit both players and casino owners. Through this partnership, casinos will be able to create a more efficient and cost effective loyalty enrollment process for their players."

Mark Bryant
President & CEO, Micro Gaming Technologies

MGT is a leading software development company in the casino industry


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