Acuant BureauMatch
// CRA ID Verification

Instant Identity Verification Via Credit Reporting Agency Data


BureauMatch combats identity fraud by using independent CRA data sources to establish confidence in a person’s identity. This is achieved by validating that the details relating to the person’s name and address being supplied are correct and that the person exists.


  • Reduce friction & eliminate manual errors
  • Automated & real time decision engine
  • Save time & reduce onboarding costs
  • Safe, secure & fully compliant

Key Benefits of BureauMatch



Increase Onboarding

Combined AML & KYC



How BureauMatch Works

Authentication Index


A number between 0 – 90 showing the confidence the identity exists. 90 being the highest confidence and below 40 returning when the ID cannot be authenticated.

Validation Score


Shows the number and types of electronic proofs of data. This is in the range 0 – 1000, where 600+ shows at least six full proofs of the name and address.

Data Matching


This data check includes the number of data items and data sources found, the oldest record (to show the quality of the data found) and the calculated age.

High Risk


Any high risk policy rules returned. These highlight an area of concern relating to the supplied information.


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