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Efficiently Onboard Customers, Reduce Risk & Stay Ahead of Regulations


Know Your Customer (KYC) is integral to fully complying with regulatory requirements and passing audits. But KYC is more than a regulatory requirement, it is a key part of maintaining the integrity of your business, fighting fraud and money laundering. The wrong system can lead to higher fraud rates, fewer good customers or findings during a compliance audit that may result in regulatory action and fines. Acuant Compliance/IdentityMind delivers an industry leading KYC solution that helps you stay compliant and beat fraudsters.


We automate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, which are often manual and time consuming, to quickly identify good customers versus the bad actors you want to avoid. Our Trusted Identity platform has identity verification capabilities in every country and provides access to global sanctions lists.


Combined with our patented Digital Identity technology eDNA, we help verify everyone you encounter including foreign nationals, unbanked, under-banked, high-risk individuals such as politically exposed persons (PEPs) and individuals associated with known bad actors. Our platform gives you the ability to create digital identities, build an identity from customer data and verify it against our proprietary Trusted Identity database in real time.


Need to meet compliance needs in a hurry? Acuant®GO KYC allows you to be up and running in a few hours. Deploy a powerful KYC solution with only a few lines of code to meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements and secure your business. GO KYC is highly customizable to match your process and website. Book time here to learn more.


Efficient Onboarding


Tailor the onboarding experience for each customer, automatically process trusted users and pass the exceptions to manual review.


 Global Verification


Our platform with patented eDNA technology allows you to verify everyone you encounter, all nationalities, 200+ countries and territories.


Risk Reduction


Identify good customers you want to do business with and bad actors you want to avoid with a current view across all business lines.

Proactive Planning


Maintain a proactive compliance program, be ready for auditors and stay prepared for stricter regulatory requirements.


  • Identity Verification: verify identity data in real time: name, address, phone & more

  • Document Verification: upload & authenticate documents in seconds

  • Rule-Driven Cases: set specific rules or thresholds for triggering alerts & cases

  • Event Driven Alerts: customize alerts based on any event including user profile changes

  • Case & Queue Management: prioritize cases & assign to analyst accordingly

  • Staged KYC: risk-based approach to balance the customer experience with needed due diligence

  • PEPs & Sanctions Screening: Access global sanctions, PEP status, adverse media & enforcement lists

  • Real Time Risk Scoring: machine learning & graph intelligence quickly identify risk

  • Enhanced Due Diligence: extra screening for suspicious identities

  • Continuous Monitoring: continuously update client data

Why Acuant Compliance


Acuant Compliance/IdentityMind has everything you need to meet regulations, manage fraud and fight financial crime. Our complete KYC solution offers identity verification, risk assessment, enhanced due diligence, rules, case management, continuous monitoring and more. Acuant solutions are offered for every channel and available in an easy to use format.

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We can get you up and running with a few lines of code to quickly meet KYC regulations!

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