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Dark Web Check to Mitigate the Risk of Impersonation Fraud


Search over 600 million records on the Dark Web for your customer’s email to prevent fraud from taking place. Acuant Dark Web provides an extra level of security by searching and monitoring a customer’s email against compromised data on the Dark Web. If a match is found against the email address, then the linked data (personal, identity or financial) is returned.


Acuant Dark Web allows you to:

Search: The applicant’s email is searched ad-hoc upon submission

Monitor: The applicant’s email is added to an ongoing monitoring list. Client is alerted if the user’s PII becomes compromised. Only data that has been compromised and advertised, traded or exchanged by criminals is monitored and collected.


Acuant Dark Web delivers ad-hoc search and ongoing monitoring of an applicant’s email address against the largest proprietary database of compromised personal ID information in the industry. Data can be incorporated into client’s existing fraud decision engines aligned to their risk appetite. Matching results can be used as part of AML compliance with 50,000 bank account records used by criminals for money-laundering identified. Data can be used to complement individual transaction / payment screening.


Identity data – Name, national insurance # / social security #, address, passport and driver’s license numbers
Personal data – Email addresses and domains, secret questions and answers, employer, payment provider IDs (PayPal, ebay), usernames and passwords
Financial data – Account numbers, sort codes / routing numbers, card information including PINs

Key Benefits of Acuant Dark Web


Breadth of Data. Contains information traded globally across over 1,200 criminal websites, forums and password-protected and invite-only chat rooms.


Depth of Data. The largest and most relevant source of compromised personal identification information compiled since 2008.


Skilled Expert Intelligence. False datasets used by criminals to deliberately mislead are identified and clearly fictitious computer-generated data is not collected.



Increase Onboarding


Fraud Risk

Automated Solution

How an Advanced Dark Web Check Works - in Seconds

User Creates an Account for Service


At the first stage, the user registers for an account or service, declaring their personal information.

Data is Passed through the System


Once the customer has created their account, a single API is used to pass the customer data through the Acuant Dark Web engine.

Thorough Checks are Carried Out


Acuant Dark Web checks the dark web for PII and any unique customer data, including identity, personal or financial data.

The Final Stage as the Result is Provided


The result is then returned to show whether there was any match, a partial match or a full match of your customer’s details found.

Acuant is now a GBG cmpany Acuant is now a GBG company


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