Acuant Health

Digital Patient Identity Verification


For over 20 years, Acuant has processed millions of trusted transactions daily in 196+ countries in every major industry including Healthcare. Our Trusted Identity Platform provides patented technology to solve real problems such as patient management and access, protecting the most vulnerable, safety of the public health and properly dispensing controlled substances.


Acuant is trusted by leading healthcare institutions, hospitals, providers, national retail pharmacies and premiere clinical labs that rely on us every day for security, process improvement and rapid deployment of new workflows.


Acuant Health facilitates the digital transformation that accelerated during the COVID-19 crisis. Our solutions address all digital and remote workflows for total patient care. Our suite of tools and technology secure and streamline patient management on any channel, ensuring that you meet operational requirements and provide a superior patient experience.



  • Verify Patients & Reduce Risk
  • Initial & Ongoing Verification
  • Replace KBA & Passwords




  • Easy Integration Solutions to be Up & Running Immediately
  • Omnichannel: Desktop Scanner, Online, Mobile & Kiosk



  • Frictionless Onboarding for Telehealth/Telemedicine & Virtual Health Applications
  • Contactless Workflows for Care & Testing
  • Tracking & Tracing Apps



  • Protect Patient Data & Protect Against Data Breaches
  • End to End Encryption, Never Storing Data or Images

Establish trust, verify identity and provide a superior experience - in seconds.

Benefits to Acuant Health

Know Your Patient: Validate patient IDs and identity in real time for treatment, Rx management, billing, remote services, information/portal access and more

Reduce Fraud: Prevent claims and insurance fraud, identity theft and Rx fraud

Improve Operations: Extract accurate patient data every time from IDs and medical insurance cards, create accurate records, prevent costly errors and reduce claim rejections

Upgrade Patient Experiences: Reduce patient wait time and abandonment, enable low friction workflows for desktop scanners, kiosks, online, mobile apps and cross-device (SMS)

Acuant MedicScan® software automates data and image intake of IDs and medical insurance cards to speed up registration and prevent costly errors for front desk, kiosk, online portal and mobile apps.

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