Acuant ProfileID
// Alternative Data for IDV & KYC

The Leading Alternative Data Solution for Identity Verification, KYC & AML

ProfileID analyzes all of the available data points from a customer’s digital footprint, returning verified name, age, ID Scores, Fraud Scores, Employment Scores, geo-tags and a traffic light confidence indicator which can be used for ID checks, location verification, KYC, sharing economy & fraud prevention.

  • Onboard up to 68% more customers
  • Global solution used in over 177 countries
  • Detect & reduce fraud by 21%
  • Deliver a consistent user experience

Key Benefits of ProfileID






Trusted Identities



How a ProfileID Onboarding Process Works - in Less than 5 Seconds

Connect to Digital Account

At the point the customer needs to be verified via alternative data, ProfileID is presented. At this point the customer simply connects to a digital account.

Consent & Analysis

Once a digital profile is connected and the customer provides consent, the account is analyzed using multiple data points to calculate whether this is a real person.

Account Authentication

Once a profile meets the criteria set out by the provider the customer will then be authenticated allowing them to continue to register.


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