Acuant Utility
// ID Verification via Utility & Telco Data

Instant Address & Location Verification Via Utility & Telco Providers


Traditional processes rely on manual review of paper documents and most paper bills are extremely easy to fraud and difficult to verify due to a lack of security features. OCR can automate data capture, but still requires the customer to locate or print a copy of a recent bill adding friction to onboarding.


With over 6,000 utility and telco providers across the globe, we are able to offer your business a global, verified source of utility data that is current, complete and 100% consented by your customers. Data is returned directly from the customer’s utility provider, eliminating risk of forgery opportunities for data manipulation unlike physical bills.


Our fully automated solution allows you to reduce the costs of manual processes, reduce fraud, improve the customer experience and boost confidence in customer identity and address.

Key Benefits of Acuant Utility


Data accuracy & recency. Automated name and address verification using live utility data extracted in real-time from the customer’s utility account, returning the most recent bill and bill data directly.


Access is consent-based and granted by the consumer entering their utility account login credentials.


Save time and reduce onboarding costs with safe, secure & fully compliant workflows


Complements traditional verification methods. Use it either as your sole verification check or as part of a combined solution.



Fully automated technology minimizes friction and reduces costs over a manual review process.



Choose from our no code hosted solutions or complete control over customization using our API.

Mobile Optimized


Our UI is designed to work across desktop, tablet & mobile, including as part of our iOS/Android SDKs.

GDPR Compliant


GDPR compliant using your specific Terms of Service at the point of customer consent.

How Acuant Utility Works

Customer Selects A Provider Type


The customer is able to select from a range of utility and telco types as a source to prove their identity.

Customer Chooses Their Provider


From the drop-down list, the customer selects their provider, enters their credentials and accepts the privacy policy.

Identity Data is Retrieved


Acuant Utility retrieves the customer’s name, address and most recent bill and verifies that against the identity provided.


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