Rapidly Deploy No Code IDV & KYC/AML


Fast & Secure Identity Solutions for Proofing, Risk & Compliance


Acuant®GO delivers powerful, fully automated Identity Verification and KYC/AML with proven rapid implementation allowing our clients to deploy in as little as a few hours. Seriously. Our industry-leading no code applications get you up and running, meet compliance needs and provide low friction customer experiences. Whether you are implementing a new solution or upgrading your current one, we take the heavy lifting and dependency on technical resources out of the equation.

  • Fast & Easy Deployment
  • Fully Automated & AI-Powered
  • Compliant: KYC/AML/GDPR
  • Omnichannel
  • Low Friction
  • Scalable

Acuant®GO keeps up with changing regulations, customer demands and increasingly remote transactions. Omnichannel solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your company’s existing processes and work wherever your customers want to transact: mobile, desktop and cross device workflows.

Agile Transformation to Keep up with the Digital World



Fastest go-to-market option without sacrificing functionality or capability.


Instantly upgrade your onboarding and verification or deploy a new solution regardless of your technical expertise or resources.



Built on top of proven and highly scalable Acuant Trusted Identity Platform.


Access our Orchestration Layer for risk based profiling, eDNA® decision engine and access to 3rd party data ecosystem.



Dynamic context management for UI and decision layer.


UX optimized data collection with cross-device workflows.


Drag and drop form builder with full custom branding, UX and more.

Choose a Package to Get Up & Running

Choose one of our ready to GO packages to meet your needs. Inquire about Add Ons and if you don’t quite see what you need, book some time to talk about customization.

Acuant®GO is designed to provide context driven user experiences to match identity proofing and needed due diligence. We help you answer the most important questions:

Is this a real person?
Is this person who they claim to be?
Can I do business with this person?
Should I do business with this person?

IDV Proof

Establish a trust anchor based on the authentication of a government-issued document (50+ forensic tests) and facial recognition match performed by a trusted partner with a liveness test.


IDV Proof offers a seamless transition from your onboarding application on any device to enable full automation and can automatically flow into a manual review process as needed.


The Acuant Platform gives you visibility into the captured image and the tests performed in case you need to perform audits or further manual processes.



Sanctions/PEP Screening

ID Data Validation


Perform all regulatory functions required for KYC anywhere in the world.


KYC/AML Proof gives you access to Acuant Compliance Platform’s operational support including Case Management, Enterprise Reporting and SAR Filing. Perform EDD and use our automated risk based approach.


Customizable and guided data collection compares the data presented by your consumer against public and private databases around the world and you can compare the identity data collected against sanctions lists worldwide.



Fraud Reputation

Advanced Fraud Protection

Ultimate Proof

Combine the power of establishing a trust anchor  the versatility of the Acuant Compliance solution for the most powerful fraud prevention technology in the marketplace.


IDV Proof & KYC AML Proof plus

Identify risk conditions including detection for synthetic identities, mules, bots, fraud rings and stolen identities. Access Acuant’s powerful Orchestration Layer that combines proprietary and 3rd party data all via one API. Leverage pre-configured rule models to optimize your onboarding client experience for fast results you can trust.



Virtual Currency Risk Management

Global Solutions for Any Size Business


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