MedicScan® Solution for iPatientCare Users

MedicScan® by Acuant – Improve Front Office Efficiency, Reduce Errors and Cut Costs!

iPatientCare has integrated MedicScan® to streamline the patient registration process by eliminating the need to photocopy/manually enter patient ID cards and medical insurance cards, resulting in greater efficiency, reduced human error, and reduced costs. iPatientCare users can capture the images of the cards and display them in iPatientCare for future reference by the practice staff. The information from the cards is automatically extracted and auto-populated into the text fields in iPatientCare.



  • Prevent costly manual data entry errors (e.g. patient name, date of birth, insurance card number).
  • Collect accurate information.
  • Limit push back claims.
  • Fast processing time, just a few seconds per scan.
  • Expedite patient registration.
  • Provide a better overall patient experience.


  • Automatic card detection – just insert a card to begin the scanning process.
  • Extracts data from driver’s licenses and automatically auto-populates patient record.
  • Extracts data from medical insurance cards and automatically auto-populates patient record.
  • Ability to read driver’s licenses and ID cards of all 50 US states, and over 80 countries around the world.

The integrated scanner, ScanShell® 800DX, is a TWAIN-compatible, compact USB-powered device. The ScanShell® 800DX is a duplex scanner and can deliver a quick digital capture, of both sides of a document at the same time, with zero warm up time. It is covered by Acuant’s 12-month warranty, with an option to purchase extended warranty.

ScanShell® 800DX w/ MedicScan®



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