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Spoof Proof Tech for the Best Facial Recognition Solution


Biometric authentication uses sophisticated technology to match an identity document with an individual’s face, offering a convenient and effective way to reduce identity fraud. Acuant provides best-in-class Biometric Verification with facial recognition match and liveness tests for any environment based on your level of risk. As fraudsters grow more sophisticated and apply AI to develop  deepfakes and synthetic photographic representations of individuals that don’t exist, this technology has become an essential weapon to combat fraud. Our robust, user-friendly solutions stop fraudulent attempts that use photo substitution, video replay and 3D face masks. Biometric authentication can combat account takeover fraud, strengthen security and deliver a dramatically better customer experience.


A vital component in facial recognition match is the liveness test. This test is done either actively or passively, asking for an individual to make a movement or remain still. Liveness tells you with a high degree of certainty that an individual is present and in front of the camera at the exact time and place. Acuant offers both passive and active liveness tests as well as patented Flashmark technology to thwart even the most sophisticated fraudsters and ensure a genuine presence. Machine learning capabilities help to automate liveness tests and improve them with continuous improvement over time.


Acuant’s Biometric Verification solutions meet the most stringent requirements for heavily regulated industries and governments and have achieved the highest level of accreditation possible. Our market leading offerings are NIST tested and iBeta compliant with Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Level 1 & 2 awards.


Upgraded Identity Verification

Create a faster remote onboarding & verification experience


Replace KBA, passwords, 2FA & SMS codes


Best global coverage

Best-In-Class Technology

1:1 Face Match & NIST tested algorithms used by trusted partners


PAD Level 1 & 2 liveness detection


Omnichannel support for iOS, Android & HTML

Secure & Privacy Minded

Address risk including meeting AML regulations & government security


Strict data and image retention


Uses token validation & encryption

Customizable Solutions   

Tailored to your use case


Utilize your branding & white label mobile apps


Easily access entire Acuant Trusted Identity Platform

Acuant’s wide range of solutions for authentication including document authentication, device identity, location and other data points complement our biometric verification solutions allowing for a layered approach to fraud prevention. Our platform approach empowers you to unlock the a digital identity through a biometric verification process and build on this to establish ongoing trust through the custom lifecycle.

Passive Liveness Explained

Facial Recognition Match must include a liveness test for the best fraud prevention. A liveness test ensures that there is a real person present instead of a photo, video playback or even a mask. Read the guide to find out why Passive Liveness is key to anti-spoofing and providing a frictionless customer experience.


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