3 Reasons Why Automation Beats Manual Checks

3 Reasons Why Automation Beats Manual Checks

Consumer convenience is an area that should always be at the forefront of a business’ mind. However while digital advancements are taking place each day, how can a business ensure the level of convenience that their consumers are after?

With the wealth of digital data now available on an individual, is there really any need to rely so heavily on traditional, manual checks anymore?

  1. Customer Convenience

As previously mentioned in our blog (4 reasons why alternative data is key), traditional methods can cause friction in the user journey, inevitably causing a poor experience leading to high volumes of customer drop-offs.

According to Experian, 75% of businesses want advanced authentication methods that have little or no impact on the digital experience. Eliminating these manual checks from the digital experience will enhance the process for consumers, whilst speeding up their verification.

Although we may never fully replace traditional methods of authentication such as ID document checks or utility bill checks, there must be a way to create a more convenient way of carrying out these checks for the customer?

  1. Reduce Resource

Alongside manual processes comes the need for manual intervention, leading to a business needing additional resource to carry out the checks. By utilising automated methods of authentication, you can reduce the amount of resource needed, which in turn will result in reducing costs within your business.

  1. Save Time

Automating authentication processes will inevitably save time – for both the customer and for the business.

Acuant’s solution allows businesses to verify and authenticate identity in less than 5 seconds, significantly decreasing the time taken to verify a consumer and reducing the number of manual reviews needed by up to 70%..


Acuant’s identity verification solutions allow businesses to verify their consumer’s identity in just two clicks, automating the entire authentication process.

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