Comply with the New License Changes in Buenos Aires

Comply with the New License Changes in Buenos Aires

With changes coming into place for the Buenos Aires gambling market, operators are having to look to find solutions to enable them to quickly and simply verify their players’ identity.

Under Decree 181, up to seven online gambling licenses will be issued and a single operator will be allowed to hold only one license.

The need for Decree 181 has come up due to the requirement of illegal gambling needing to be eradicated, such as under-age gambling, gambling fraud or money laundering.

The Buenos Aires government have stated that putting the new regulations in place for the gambling market will ensure that public order is maintained by assuming full regulatory control over the gambling activities conducted on the territory of the province.

Operators will need to ensure that they are effectively and efficiently verifying their players are truly who they say they are, in order to eradicate the illegal gambling means previously mentioned. The verification process will require not just identity verification, but also age verification and location verification before the player can open their account. The new regulation also requires that every single player who wishes to gamble has to have a registered account.

Utilising traditional verification methods, such as document verification and manual checks, may cause friction in the user journey for players, meaning that they may take their custom to one of your competitors. Operators should be looking to alternative verification methods to ensure that they are staying ahead of the game with a competitive advantage.

By leveraging alternative data sources and verification methods, operators can verify their players in just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual checks and uplifting their customer acquisition.

Be prepared for the regulation application deadline on 25th June 2019.

How we can help

Verify up to 72% more players than with traditional verification methods, using a single universal API.

With one simple, global solution we can enable you to verify your players in real-time whilst significantly uplifting your customer acquisition.

Our identity and age verification solution, Acuant Identity’s Alternative and Social Data, gives operators a robust and frictionless answer to ensuring a sub-5 second complete verification process. Looking to alternative data to verify your consumers, rather than just your traditional methods, which could take hours to verify, means that with the increased volumes of consumers having to be verified in a quick turnaround can be achieved with ease.


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