Congratulations to Our Partner on Being Acquired by Facebook

Congratulations to Our Partner on Being Acquired by Facebook

As a valued partner of over four years, we want to congratulate on their recent acquisition by Facebook. Our shared passion for making the mobile user experience simpler, safer and more secure ensured a successful partnership. enabled organizations to rapidly validate customer identity from a driver’s license or ID using advanced machine learning and computer vision technologies to dynamically normalize images, classify, extract and authenticate identity document data.

Facebook now asks users for a government issued ID if their account is locked, hacked or if they lost their passwords, but users must mail in this information. Their policy is to activate accounts only for authentic names to avoid catfishing and other such malicious activities where users portray themselves as a false person. Confirm’s technology can significantly streamline this process.  A natural progression may be to introduce verifying identities of all users creating or whom have created accounts to verify identities, especially when it comes to those advertising on the platform. Additionally, as social media platforms become increasingly acceptable as forms of ID verification, the vulnerabilities are clear. It would logically follow to make the account opening and ad buying processes more stringent when it comes to identity proofing.

Acuant’s partnership with Confirm created one of the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based ID verification and authentication solutions, combining best-in-class technologies to support robust identity and document verification solutions to enterprises seeking remote identity proofing in the increasing landscape of card not present transactions. tapped Acuant’s automated intelligent data capture and authentication solutions, supported by its proprietary and unparalleled global document library to enable Confirm’s efficient ID authentication capabilities to drive safer transactions for its customers operating in a global environment. By leveraging Acuant’s AssureID technology, created an environment that supports secure transactions between businesses and people by linking physical ID documents to digital identities through mobile SDKs and RESTful APIs.

Technology that is intended to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds and provide security- allowing businesses to confirm customer/user identities and customers to feel protected by businesses- continues to evolve. At Acuant we are poised to keep trusted transactions as frictionless as possible. To learn more about our products and service for all industries and across all platforms (mobile, desktop and cloud) please book time here to speak with a specialist.

We wish our friends and colleagues at all the best on the next part of the journey.


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