Consumers Prefer Hotel Loyalty Rewards Programs

Consumers are now willing to give up more information about themselves through social media, mailing lists, and online communities, which should make it easier for marketers to find demographics to target. However, only 25% of American consumers say that brand loyalty impacts their buying behavior, according to a study by EY. Instead of staying loyal to a known brand, consumers can now go online to read product reviews, and compare prices.

Businesses, like hotels, can keep their customers coming back through loyalty rewards programs. A retail research report by Talech found that 87% of consumers want a customer loyalty program. According to a study by, 36% of Americans participate in loyalty programs. Among adults aged 35-44, 39% are enrolled in up to five different programs. 24% of loyalty program members are enrolled in travel-related programs, including hotels. 31% of American consumers cite perks as the most important factor for joining loyalty programs, with free WiFi being the most popular perk for millennials, according to Hipmunk, followed closely by free products and services, and exclusive promotions.

A research study by Mintel found that 22% of consumers value how easy it is to sign up for a loyalty rewards program. With Acuant’s image scanning technology, hotel guests can sign up for loyalty rewards programs in seconds. Our image capturing technology can read and authenticate ID cards from all 50 states, and from more than 90 countries. After instantly capturing a high quality image, Acuant’s idScan software can auto-populate customer data into loyalty program registration forms. Customers can sign up for a loyalty rewards program in seconds, right when they are checking into their rooms.
With Acuant’s identity solutions, hotels can keep loyal customers coming back.


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