Wondering what the Trust Gap is? Join Us February 24th to Find Out

Wondering what the Trust Gap is? Join Us February 24th to Find Out

Meet the Panelists of Our “Mind the Gap” Webinar

The gap between physical and digital identity has been widening significantly and the pandemic has accelerated the move to digital.  What has this meant for fraud and how will government and business address the growing trust gap?

In our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, February 24, we’ll be chatting with a panel of esteemed experts from the US and the UK on how to address these gaps and flip the script on fraudsters. Key talking points will include looking at today’s standards for government-issued identity documents, forgery trends and the impact of the lack of information sharing and cooperation between private corporations and law enforcement. We’ll also discuss the need for industry standards and how identity proofing technology can build trust.

Meet our esteemed panelists below and sign up now to reserve your spot.


Elizabeth Gil, Forensic Document Examiner – Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory

Elizabeth (Lisa) Gil is a Forensic Document Examiner with the Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory. As the Questioned Documents Section Technical Lead, she divides her time between conducting examinations on travel and identification documents and testing security documents for vulnerabilities. Lisa has testified as an expert witness in the field of Forensic Document Examination on numerous occasions and has played an active role in policy writing for the laboratory’s quality management system.

She is board-certified through the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE) and is a member of the Document Security Alliance (DSA). Lisa has conducted workshops and training seminars as well as participated in international panel discussions concerning current counterfeiting trends and techniques utilized in the detection of fraudulent documents.


Alan Gooden, ADVP Liaison Officer & Retired Detective Superintendent – City of London Police

Alan Gooden retired as a Detective Superintendent from the City of London Police in 2017 after 30 years of service. Alan started his career in Essex Police where he worked in a variety of uniform and detective roles. In March 2012, Alan was seconded to the Home Office, representing the police service and advising the U.K. Government in relation to matters concerning Identity Crime. During his time at the Home Office, Alan was the secretariat for the Identity Crime National Police Working Group, coordinated operational activities against criminals involved in the manufacture and supply of false and fraudulent documents, and wrote national policy and guidance, including the first Home Office published guidance relating to document scanners. In 2015 Alan began working with the City of London Police, and at the start of 2016 became the Deputy National Police Coordinator for Fraud and other national policing portfolios, including Identity Crime.

In January 2018, Alan was appointed by the Association of Document Validation Professionals (ADVP) as its Liaison Officer. In this role, Alan promotes the effectiveness and benefits of document validation technology to the U.K. Government and law enforcement; improves and enhances closer collaborative working between U.K. Government departments, U.K. law enforcement and the document validation industry; and coordinates and assists in the development of greater data sharing between U.K. Government departments, U.K. law enforcement and ADVP companies.


Tony Machin, TrustID CEO & former ADVP Chairman

Tony Machin is CEO at TrustID, a major business in the UK identity document validation sector which supports clients across the public and private sectors with compliance with Right to Work, Right to Rent, Right to Study and KYC/AML checks, counter fraud and security/access control checks. Until December 2020, Tony was also Chairman of the Association of Document Validation Professionals (ADVP). The ADVP was created in January 2018 to help promote the wider use of risk based electronic validation of identity documents across the public and private sectors and to represent the growing number of companies operating in the sector.


Tony Poole, AJW, Inc. Partner & Document Security Alliance President

Tony has more than twenty-five years’ experience in government business development, marketing, management and public policy. As an expert in counterfeit deterrence technologies, he leads AJW’s Document Security practice and supports industry leading companies in formulating and implementing strategies for the development, introduction, and adoption of high security production equipment, personalization technologies and sophisticated anti-counterfeit security devices/documents for state and federal government agencies in North America. Leveraging his counterfeit deterrence expertise, Tony has been an active member of the Document Security Alliance for over a decade.


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