Employee Drug Testing: For Better or Worse, Improving the Process

Employee Drug Testing: For Better or Worse, Improving the Process

Athletes are not the only ones subjected to drug testing. In fact, chances are you have been submitted to testing by one of your employers. Workplace drug testing was first required in 1986 for federal employees. It was then widely adopted in the mid-90’s rising to 81% of employers having some form of drug testing, mostly for new hires.

While there may have been a slight decline over the years, the majority of US employers still conduct some form of drug testing. In fact, some states are introducing drug testing requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits. In 2015, Quest Diagnostics found that positivity rates for drug usage increased in 2014 for the first time since 2003. Increases included both prescription and illicit drug use beyond marijuana.

As employers continue to drug test, companies offering diagnostic labs are poised to grow their market. Strong reputations for solid credential and specimen management, accurate data and results, are critical for labs. The testing process should be streamlined and accurate from start to finish, instilling confidence in the entire process and making a not entirely pleasing task as quick and painless as possible. Identity management solutions such as automated identity document data capture streamline the communication between the lab, HR department and employee records. It also eliminates error prone manual forms and provides a better experience for individuals, making the process more efficient.
If employee drug testing is here to stay, why not improve the process for all.


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