Even security, deserves a little security…

Gone are the days of outdated tactics when security professionals could authenticate otherwise fraudulent identification cards at a glance. True security professionals are learning that efficiency and accuracy is instrumental, that negligence in adopting reliable identity measures means not only risking the well-being of their position in the marketplace, but the company as a whole from internal employees to outside stakeholders.

Do you remember the old James Bond movies where the identity of 007 could be scanned through a retina test, finger print or… for the true diehard fans… a simple Poker game? The elaborate means in which villains and heroes attempted to preserve or expose one another’s’ identity seemed comical. But, it seems reality has finally caught up through the advancement of technology and in part the challenges of a new world where a person’s identity needs to be protected in a digital age. Thankfully, new threats have led to new opportunities. Technology professionals have stepped up to create proven solutions in the form of accurate identity verification technology. This has been done in various ways. For instance, information can now be scanned and authenticated instantaneously reducing human error while increasing efficiency which can create the following benefits:

  1. Better customer service.
  2. Increased customer loyalty
  3. Improved customer security.

The latter being the most interesting in that capturing identity information accurately helps to differentiate fraud from truth.

Who is benefiting from this solution… who isn’t?!

From bouncers at dance clubs seeking to track and record individual guest entry into an internal database, to the security professionals at airports interested in scanning the various drivers licenses of one of the fifty states, new solution and proven technology have proven to protect the interests of each group top down of all involved. Here’s how it works, information is scanned and collected, it is then sent out for verification and then returned to an end user in one easy step. It’s no wonder why many within the field are adopting this technology in helping to make their business more efficient.

However, it goes on, various channels have opened up to help people learn about the options provided them such as conferences in the form of ISC West, where thousands of companies literally come together to create real business solutions for various people interested in identity security. According to their website; ISC West is actually THE largest security industry trade show in the U.S. where companies could have the chance to meet with technical reps from 1,000+ exhibitors and brands in the security industry and network with over 28,000 security professionals. Thus, various companies, including Acuant can discuss ways in which customers can benefit from better security through visitor management flow.

It’s a new age, the techniques are available to preserve security in such a high fashion that 007 himself may just be proud. If you’re interested in learning more, check out ISC West or our own website in seeing what some of these new solutions are.


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