Facilitation AND Fraud Reduction: Ozone® Chip Authentication Goes Mobile

Facilitation AND Fraud Reduction: Ozone® Chip Authentication Goes Mobile

In 2020 the world as we knew it forever changed. Technologies that were being explored as concepts have now matured to implementations that are being embraced globally when it comes to digital credentials 

Governments are issuing ePassports and identifications cards eIDs that contain electronic chips. Often readable via RFID, these chips are designed to provide secure and accurate data access. By mid-2021 all new national ID cards issued in the European Union will contain a secure contactless chip for improved and consistent security measures across all participating countries. This will allow individuals more seamless border crossing experiences, access to cross-border digital services and control over their own online data and identities. Further adding to growing list of nations, the US is finally following suit with the introduction of the Digital Identity Act of 2020.

Patented, award-winning Acuant Ozone® provides a highly secure and streamlined verification for ePassports, eIDs and Digital Travel Credentials (DTCs). From onboarding and reverification to higher security use cases for border crossing and access to government services, Ozone provides operationally efficiency, meets security needs and enhances the consumer experience. Physical documents can be easily altered or forged. Ozone technology provides the most accurate and effective method to confirm the ID was issued by a trusted issuer, the chip has not been altered after issuance and ensures the ID is trusted by the issuer at the time of authentication (i.e. has not been revoked).  

With its newly launched mobile application, Ozone quickly and easily authenticates documents in-person or remotely. Users, businesses and governments can now harness the power in of Ozone in their smart phones. Data is securely processed in the cloud with cryptography to get authentication results in just seconds. Data from the chip instantly populates applications so there are no OCR errors or image capture issues (glare, sharpness, upload speed, etc.). Ozone provides tamper proof, encrypted data and images directly from the chip. 

Acuant makes it simple to get multi-factor authentication by adding Acuant FaceID in the same workflow. The high quality image from the chip is compared to a person’s selfie. FaceID is quick and simple with a liveness test to thwart fraud. For even more security checks, Acuant AssureID assesses the authenticity of the physical document in instances where the chip may have been revoked; this is important as the physical document may still be valid.All solutions are available in the same API for comprehensive, fast and user friendly identity verification 

Increase authentication accuracy and feel confident in who is on the other side of the transaction with Ozone. 


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