The Future of Retail Marketing

The Future of Retail Marketing

In this day and age generalised blanket messaging results in low engagement and click-throughs, gone are the days of competing with price reductions and seasonal, overly generalised coupons and offers. It is now simply expected by customers that promotional tactics such as email marketing are not only relevant, but personalised.

Personalisation has been a major focal point over recent years, it goes beyond the basic, tried and tested demographic segmentation methods and uses a detailed digital customer profile based largely on new segments such as personality traits, interests and hobbies to name a few. Understanding a consumer’s online spending habits such as; What time of day do they shop? Do they hoard products in their ‘Saved Items’ until payday? Do they only complete a purchase with a discount code? Can allow for the creation of marketing techniques personalised to these particular characteristics. This allows for an enhanced customer experience through improved user-journey and reduced cart abandonment. A personalised approach resonates with a customer, nourishes their brand loyalty and affirms future purchases, ultimately maximising engagement.

Is this now the future of retail marketing?

The use of behavioural data combined with authentic communication can enhance user-experience. If done right.

On Thursday 20th September we’re holding a breakfast event here at Acuant HQ exploring the challenges and opportunities of personalisation within the retail industry. We’re bringing in speakers from the retail industry from companies such as Seventy7, Maniere de Voir and We Are Gntlmen; plus more to be announced soon.

You can hear what our panelists have to say about The Future of Retail Marketing and find tickets here.


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