How Alternative Methods Will Pave The Way For a Frictionless Future

How Alternative Methods Will Pave The Way For a Frictionless Future

Most businesses look to avoid friction at all costs in the user experience – and for good reason. But friction isn’t always bad. It exists for a reason and is only ever introduced when necessary.  

Is friction inevitably the future of identity verification? What if there was another way to be completely regulation compliant without the friction?

When your customers get frustrated with high-friction user experience, they give up, and you inevitably lose their business. Businesses often rely on static databases to verify a person’s identity and address, but if this can be done using alternative methods, the customer sees little of the process and needs little effort to complete the transaction or application, creating a frictionless user journey.

It has been proven that friction and acquisition are linked – by increasing friction in your user journey you will lower your acquisition rates.

There are also a number of forces which are changing the future for identity verification: regulations, data breaches and customer sentiment. All of which are imminent and looking to alternative verification methods will help to lead the way.

Our whitepaper on a Frictionless Future dives deeper into all of these aspects in much more detail. You can download this paper at

How we can help

Verify and onboard up to 68% more customers than with traditional identity verification methods, using a single universal API. With one simple, global solution we can enable you to verify your customers in real-time whilst significantly uplifting your customer acquisition.

Our identity and age verification solution, Acuant Identity’s Alternative and Social Data, gives businesses a robust and frictionless answer to ensuring a sub-5 second complete verification process.


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