How Hotels Can Provide a Better Front Desk Experience

How Hotels Can Provide a Better Front Desk Experience

Hotels located in major cities have a tremendous amount of logistics to manage. This includes accommodating guests from different countries, which sometimes creates challenges at check-in.

When checking in their international hotel guests, front desk employees may have trouble with language barriers, or they might not be able to decipher what’s on their guest’s ID card. This is important because the front desk experience creates a guest’s first impression of the hotel, and a frustrating experience can lead to a negative stay.

How Acuant’s Card Scanning Technology Can Help Hotels

Acuant’s card scanning technology can provide valuable assistance in the hospitality industry. Acuant’s idScan software, for example, recognizes IDs from all 50 US states, and passports from 90 countries, so employees can check guests into their rooms with a simple ID scan.

The software also auto-populates information from IDs into check-in forms, so guests don’t have to answer routine questions before heading up to their rooms. Front desk employees can also see if the attendees are part of a corporate rewards program. Acuant’s software helps eliminate confusion from international IDs, and allows for faster and more accurate identity validation.

Hotels can also take convenience a step further and allow their guests to get into their rooms with keyless entry. Guests can use their smartphones to unlock their doors, which will decrease the number of times front desk employees have to issue new key cards to guests who have lost them.

With better technology, front desk receptionists can almost instantaneously check-in their international guests, which is a critical first step to providing a great experience.



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