How we verify any National ID Card in the world in seconds using iDocufy

How we verify any National ID Card in the world in seconds using iDocufy

Identity verification is becoming more important and enhanced around the world. Many customers are now required to verify photo ID and in many countries this is commonly a national ID Card (for example the NADRA national identity card of Pakistan). Our solution allows you to verify any ID card in the world in seconds.  

Here we tell you how we enable it using iDocufy

Any national ID card in the world

iDocufy (our real time multi-factor identity verification solution) can read the electronic and visual data from any national identity card, anywhere in the world. Many countries worldwide now have compulsory ID cards, you can find out which here. In some countries their introduction is relatively new, such as Italian ID cards, Nepal, Vanuatu, to new just a few. And some national ID cards can be easier to forge than others. 

iDocufy can authenticate any national ID card, from any country, whether new or existing. In fact, iDocufy can analyse and authenticate the data from over 5,000 different types of national document. That means companies can verify passports, drivers licences, or any type of ID document issued by a government. 

iDocufy works as a quick and simple step added into the user journey, when a customer is opening an account, or doing an online application etc. They are asked to provide a form of ID, and the solution takes care of the rest:

  1. Capture – The customer is prompted to take a photo of the front and back of their national ID card 
  2. Process – Images and data are processed instantly and securely in the cloud
  3. Authenticate – 50+ forensic tests are performed on the credentials in real time
  4. Verify – Optional facial recognition match can be performed using BioMatch

In the first few milliseconds the AI-powered platform analyses the front and back photo to establish the dimensions and layout of the ID. It instantly recognises what type of ID document it is, which country it comes from, where the photo and all key information will be, and then biometrically analyses the photo and captures all text information to perform matches against.

Document verification checks

iDocufy runs Image Tampering Checks, Layout Validation, Visible Security Features (that all are present and in correct location) Overlay Pattern (to check this is exactly correct), MRZ Crosscheck (cross references document data, biographic data and classification data against the information contained in one or more visible or machine-readable fields), and Photo Printing checks (verifies that a detailed photo printing technique was used). You can find out more here

It knows if anything is wrong in a split-second

The software, powered by human assisted machine learning, analyses for any inconsistencies or indications of falsification, and can flag document errors or tampering. 

Advanced OCR technology extracts the printed PII from the document to cross-reference against the customer’s submitted information and the results of the customer’s digital verification.

iDocufy (and BioMatch when used together) then returns an easy-to-understand set of results, alerts and scores, alongside an overall pass or fail result. So verification takes mere seconds. 

It works on any smartphone, on any operating system. An automated platform that eliminates the time, costs, and security risks of manual checks, while producing greater accuracy.

Best-in-class ID verification  

iDocufy works as a global KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) check, and also creates customer confidence due to its speed and seamless integration. 

Authenticating national ID cards via iDocufy is the simple and smart way to carry out identity verification and KYC checks, to reduce the risk of fraud, and comply with regulations. And iDocufy and BioMatch used together as part of our global ID, KYC & AML platform, Sodium, offers world-class authentication. One simple integration; a flexible 360° solution which is scalable and secure.

Utilise a single element or multiple processes – it’s entirely up to you. Learn more about how we can help to automate and simplify your verification processes to help you to learn more about your customers.

We make onboarding easy with enhanced checks that protect both customers and companies. Identity verification that takes a few seconds, and can be done anywhere in the world.


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