ID and Age Verification Solutions for the Gaming Industry

ID and Age Verification Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Identity verification is an integral part of the gaming industry. Preventing fraud and minors from gambling are priorities and the way to do this changes as the landscape of gaming changes. There are many formats of gaming today: casinos, online gaming websites, gaming apps and state lotteries. Each faces their own challenges in remaining complaint when it comes to accurately verifying players.

When it comes to state lotteries, some states are allowing people to buy lottery tickets online through smartphone apps. The smartphone app Jackpocket lets New York lottery players use their phones to play the lottery and collect their winnings. The state of Virginia allows users to register online through an official website to play the lottery. States have seen ticket sales fall despite high jackpots, so smartphone apps and websites offer convenience to players who want to buy tickets without going out of their way to a retail location. These mobile methods are designed to appeal to millennials, who don’t play the lottery regularly. Lottery apps enable users to skip long lines at retail locations, and it guarantees that players won’t lose their winning tickets. Although mobile gaming allows for easier participation, states still have to verify that none of the lottery players are underage. Acuant’s ID authentication technology allows states to make sure that no lottery players are under 18.

If casinos fail to accurately ID their customers, they face large fines. The Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has already paid $341,000 to the state due to seven instances of underage gambling. Pennsylvania’s Gaming Control Board is eager to stop underage gambling, especially since it has issued out $2.2 million in total fines to various casinos. Fines from underage gambling can clearly result in huge financial losses for casinos, which is why casinos should invest in ID verification technology. This technology is also applicable for making loyalty program sign ups fast and easy, as well as payouts in the cage safe and accurate. Nobody wants an identity thief walking away with someone else’s winnings.

Acuant’s technology readily verifies IDs when gamblers want to collect their winnings, which speeds up the cash-in process. Solutions also provide a less invasive way to collect information for winners to submit to the IRS and allow for easy compliance for casinos with state and federal regulations.  Acuant’s innovative software can also be integrated into jackpot software to make reporting wins simple for casinos.

There are multiple benefits and uses for identity management technology to gaming. When it comes to gambling, there is no need to take a chance on proper ID and age verification.


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