Increase Corporate Security with ID Verification

Increase Corporate Security with ID Verification

The 2016 Global State of Information Security Survey from PwC found that the number of security incidents detected in businesses increased by 107% in 2015. Financial losses from these security incidents rose by 33%, which resulted in companies expanding their information security budgets by 51%. A major threat to corporations is the possibility of intellectual property loss through poor visitor and employee security management.

As more criminals target hard intellectual property, it is important for corporate offices to secure their buildings and many have started investing in core precautions. According to the PwC survey, 91% of businesses are embracing advanced authentication and have increased their adoption of cloud-based identity and access management services by 48% in 2015.

Corporations can reduce the likelihood of theft by requiring their employees to verify their identities before entering the building. The Acuant SnapShell® advanced camera-based image capturing device helps corporations increase their security and can be used in any corporate environment. Already in major global financial institutions, leading healthcare institutions, and recently adopted by another national retailor- SnapShell® captures data and authenticates ID cards, driver’s licenses from 50 states and any standard passport in seconds. By requiring employees to verify their identities before they enter corporate offices, businesses can ensure that their intellectual property remains safe.

Some corporate offices only require visitors to sign in and possibly show an ID, but that only gives the illusion of security. Businesses can use visitor registration kiosks equipped with Acuant’s SnapShell product to easily and speedily check-in guests in a self-service fashion. Visitors first use SnapShell to scan their government issued ID cards. SnapShell then gathers relevant information from the ID card, like full names, in seconds. The visitor can then enter their company name and position title and any pertinent information. Corporate offices can also have visitors identify who they’ll be meeting with and track that information. With all of this information stored in a database, businesses will know exactly who was in their offices and aid in security.


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