Keeping Your Business Secure with Visitor Management

Keeping Your Business Secure with Visitor Management

Security has been a growing concern for businesses, especially now that identity theft is on the rise. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that in 2014, an estimated 17 million Americans were the victims of identity theft.

Growing businesses are looking to keep their digital and physical data secure and are becoming too big to rely on a few security guards and sign-in sheets. Smaller companies are also worried about unauthorized building access, especially now that sensitive data is stored digitally and electronic data is easier for criminals to steal.

Businesses looking to keep their data secure can use Acuant’s solutions to verify visitor identities and maintain their high security standards. The following are some easy ways companies can improve their overall security by relying on the latest in ID scanning technology:

Identity Verification: Acuant’s ID capturing software recognizes if an ID is authentic, which prevents people from entering a building with a fake ID. This is important for large companies, where multiple visitors are coming and going throughout the day. With Acuant’s ID scanner, receptionists also won’t be stuck scribbling down times and misspelled names. Acuant’s ID scanning software gathers data from IDs and auto-populates the information into forms. The scanners can gather accurate data instantly, which cuts down on time and errors. Verified identification allows companies to keep accurate records of who entered the building, reducing liability and increasing building security.

Access Control: Acuant’s ID scanners are flexible and fast enough to use at big corporate events and high traffic businesses. Companies that host large events like industry conferences can use self-service kiosks equipped with Acuant’s ID scanners to quickly register attendees. Self-service kiosks can reduce long lines while also ensuring that unregistered visitors do not enter. Instead of having attendees wait in long security and registration lines before getting into an event, companies can also use Acuant’s mobile technology to quickly register their guests. Shorter lines give conference attendees more time to network, and less time to complain about waiting. With Acuant’s ID scanners, companies can have better access control at large events while avoiding long lines.

High Security Standards: Venues and business services that are required to check IDs for verification can use Acuant’s ID scanners to meet high security standards and regulatory requirements. Government buildings that require extensive security clearances to enter can use Acuant’s ID scanners to make sure unauthorized visitors don’t gain access. The ID scanners can also be used within the building to block off employees who shouldn’t have access to restricted areas. Airports with high security standards can use Acuant’s ID scanners to maintain secure environments. Airport security can use Acuant’s scanners to quickly verify passports from 90 different countries, and licenses from all 50 states. By meeting regulatory requirements, companies and government agencies can reduce the chances of liability.

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