The New LCCP: What’s Changed for Operators?

The New LCCP: What’s Changed for Operators?

The UK Gambling Commission have released the new rules for operators to comply with, and they’re coming into effect on 7th May 2019. Are you prepared? 

As outlined in my last blog (which can be found here), the UKGC have removed the 72-hour verification window within which operators previously had to verify that their consumers were over the age of 18. With the removal of the 72-hour window sees consumers having to be verified before they can play a free-to-play game and also before they deposit for any online gambling.

What does this mean for operators? Inevitably higher volumes of consumers that need to be identified that means substantially higher cost burdens.

As a minimum, operators are now required to verify that a consumer’s full name, address and their date of birth are linked to an individual. There are no restrictions on the means of verification, in fact the UKGC reference that operators should not be limited to just legacy methods which they recognise only give certain levels of confidence, but they could look to ‘other information’ too such as electronic or technological data sources and solutions to give higher levels of confidence. Their processes should be robust enough to give assurance that the consumer exists and that the name, address and date of birth is linked to the individual for the consumer’s identity and age to be verified, allowing them to gamble.

The overall focus of the new rules is that gambling remains a fair and safe environment for all consumers. Operators will now have a huge volume of consumers that will need to be verified upfront which will come at a huge cost to them. They will also have to keep their user journey frictionless as the verification stage will be upfront in their sign-up process.

Our identity and age verification solution, Acuant Identity’s Alternative and Social Data, allows operators a robust and frictionless answer to ensuring a sub-5 second complete verification process. Looking to alternative data to verify your consumers, rather than just your traditional methods, which could take hours to verify, means that with the increased volumes of consumers having to be verified in a quick turnaround can be achieved with ease.


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