How Much Is Your Onboarding Process Costing Your Business?

The initial interactions a new customer has with your business set the tone for the entire relationship; the likelihood of a customer sticking with you (and recommending you to others) increases with the level of emphasis you put on creating...


Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations Pose Challenges for Decision Makers

Acuant’s VP of Compliance Products, Neal Reiter talks to PaymentsJournal about the impact of new anti-money laundering (AML) regulations on FIs & crypto exchanges and the technology needed to ensure compliance. Read the original article and listen to the podcast...


KYC for Estate Agents

Though the full scale of money laundering in the UK property market is unknown, illicit activities have been steadily increasing for some time now. As such, anti-money laundering regulations in the sector have been updated a number of times over...


How Much Is Your Data Worth on the Dark Web?

Much of what you’ll find on the dark web gives it its shadowy reputation; the majority of dark websites are used for criminal activities, primarily drugs and finance. Shopping for illicit material is very different to popping down to your...


What is Money Laundering?

The financial landscape is one that is constantly evolving to keep pace with new regulations and threats. We detailed recently how we’ve seen swathes of people convert from their traditional high-street bank account to an online-only bank account in the...


Wondering what the Trust Gap is? Join Us February 24th to Find Out

Meet the Panelists of Our “Mind the Gap” Webinar The gap between physical and digital identity has been widening significantly and the pandemic has accelerated the move to digital.  What has this meant for fraud and how will government and...


The Identity Verification Capabilities of NFC

Near-field communication (NFC) capabilities have permeated our everyday lives, almost without us even realising. More and more people are using smarter, more convenient technology to communicate, verify and transact. With the lines of physical and digital identity becoming increasingly blurred,...


How We Verify Any ID Document in the World

Growing numbers of businesses and industries are becoming subject to identity verification before onboarding their customers. Global businesses with customers all over the world can be required to process thousands of different identification documents as their customers look to use...


The Importance of KYC in Cryptocurrency

Things move quickly in the world of cryptocurrency and the value of assets like Bitcoin have recently risen to their highest price in years. When markets experience price hikes of the like we’ve seen recently, savvy investors want instant access...


How to Reduce Merchant Chargebacks

It is estimated that 2.14 billion people now buy products or services online, 27.43% of the global population, but increased demand provides increased risk and challenges. With the lack of human interaction we all now experience, businesses need to be...


How to Keep Millennials Happy in Gaming

Despite wider economic struggles, one industry that continues to perform well is the gaming sector.  With more time to kill and when your console of choice is something you keep with you at all times, it’s easy to see why...


Is It Time to Refresh Your Customer Personas?

Technological innovation is changing the way we live our daily lives, transforming the digital landscape at an exponential rate. While it, and the wider world continues to evolve, consumer needs and intent evolve in sync. Companies regularly evolve and update...

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