Efficiency Results in a Better Patient Experience

Efficiency Results in a Better Patient Experience

New Report Shows Market for Quality Care

A report by the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative reveals that the patient-centered medical home model of healthcare is an effective way to provide quality care while reducing spending. Quality care includes having a comprehensive view of the patient as a whole person, making patient health information easily accessible to healthcare workers, and improving scheduling procedures. Healthcare facilities strive to have the latest in medical technology to keep their patients well, but the technology on the administrative side for many healthcare facilities remains outdated. Doctors’ offices are expected to manage stacks of patient files. Hospitals are expected to keep track of redundant paperwork. Patients dread the thought of filling out insurance forms in the waiting room.

Efficiency Through Automation

With efficient card scanning technology, healthcare facilities can reduce the time spent filling out and filing forms. Acuant ScanShell scanners can scan ID cards like drivers’ licenses and process data instantaneously, reducing the time it takes for a patient to fill out a form. In addition to scanning ID cards, this technology can process the information on medical insurance cards. Scanning insurance cards reduces insurance claim rejections, which are often the result of incorrect or missing information. With this technology, a patient’s insurance data is collected with complete accuracy, which results in increased efficiency and faster claim processing. Patients will not have to worry about filling out forms, or deal with insurance companies later when a claim is rejected. Instead of fumbling around with cumbersome paperwork, or filling out confusing health insurance forms, patients can scan their health insurance cards and know that their information was accurately processed.

The Benefits Add Up

In addition to improving the patient experience, scanning solutions have proven to reduce hundreds of keystrokes per patient intake, which in turn saves healthcare facilities thousands of dollars a week in data capturing resources. Healthcare workers benefit from this efficiency because they will quickly receive the patient’s information, and they will not have to keep track of paperwork. This technology allows healthcare employees to access organized patient information digitally. This near paperless environment lets healthcare staff process patients quickly.

Patients Could Have A Better Experience

With efficient card scanning technology that reduces wait time and paperwork, healthcare facilities can provide their patients with a better care experience.



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