Self-Service Kiosks On The Rise

The hospitality industry is heading towards using self-service technology to provide a better travelling experience for its customers. At the airport, passengers waste too much time waiting in long lines. The long security lines can’t be avoided, but passengers who need to quickly check-in can do so at a self-service kiosk. With self-service kiosks, ticketing agents are free to attend to passengers who need more help. The convenience of self-service kiosks doesn’t end after a flight, though.

Save Time for Busy Travelers with Self-Service Kiosks

Upon landing, people can head outside the airport and easily use a self-service kiosk to rent a car. Instead of filling out pages of forms, car rental services can provide their customers with the ability to digitally fill out forms.

Customers can use Acuant scanners to scan their driver’s licenses. Acuant’s idScan software captures the information from the card and auto-populates relevant data into the appropriate car rental forms. Almost instantaneously, customers can rent a car and head over to their hotels. This helps car rental companies provide quick service.

At the hotel, guests can avoid standing in line at the front desk with all of their bags and check-in using a self-service kiosk. Tired guests can head straight up to their rooms after verifying their IDs and checking into their reserved rooms. Acuant’s idScan provides accurate verification of IDs, so guests don’t accidentally check into the wrong rooms.

Self-service kiosks are also useful for hotels because they cut down on costs. With this technology, hotels can operate more efficiently with fewer staff members at the front desk to attend to guests who are checking in, or checking out.

With self-service kiosks, the front desk staff can give guests their undivided attention and thoroughly answer questions without feeling like they’re being rushed to attend to the next guest in line. Guests who just want to check-in can head straight over to the self-service kiosk. Travelling can be a tedious experience due to all of the lines, but with self-service kiosks, businesses can cut down on wait time, and provide a great experience to their customers.


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