Solution Series: BioMatch and why biometrics make a big difference

Solution Series: BioMatch and why biometrics make a big difference

This is the next installment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. This time it’s BioMatch, which offers best-in-class facial authentication that takes seconds and can be used anywhere in the world. 

We explain how BioMatch works, why it’s best-in-class, and round things off with a downloadable product sheet…

What is BioMatch?

BioMatch allows customers to verify themselves using facial authentication. It’s a quick and easy step that takes seconds, and is easily added into the online customer sign-up process for any type of website or app, where biometric verification is required (or preferable for security reasons).

Customers are simply prompted to look at the camera on their smartphone, and BioMatch asks them to blink to prove liveness and takes a short video of them. The software then splits the video into individual frames, which are matched against each other, and can be used to match against photo ID.

Advanced AI analyses the face and is used to biometrically cross-reference it against the photo present on the customer’s national ID (passport, driving licence etc.), using our document verification sister solution, iDocufy

The blink for liveness test provides a vital level of security.

How does it work?

1) The customer is asked to take a short video of themselves.

2) The video is split into individual frames, which are then matched against one another.

3) The frames are cross-referenced against the photo on the customer’s provided ID document.

There are two results returned: a facial match score out of 100, showing how closely the two faces match, and a pass or fail result. The liveness detection test ensures the genuine presence of that person by asking them to blink in order to initiate image capture. 

BioMatch is able to ensure physical presence of the individual and to thwart deep fakes and presentation attacks, such as image spoofing. And it does all of this in under 3 seconds.

Unlike other providers, we offer different levels of facial recognition, in order to offer a breadth of service. The top tier solution is designed for high-risk situations, and offers enhanced liveness detection that prevents presentation attacks from printed images, masks, recorded video, or synthetic video.

What are the benefits?

BioMatch lets you verify anyone in the world in seconds, using an automated tool that can check for liveness, and authenticate users against any national photo ID in the world.  

GLOBAL SOLUTION. Can be used anywhere, and cross-referenced with 5,000 types of ID. 

INCREASED ONBOARDING. Onboard up to 60% more customers. 

AUTOMATED PROCESS. Eliminate manual review costs with a fully automated solution. 

POSITIVE USER EXPERIENCE. A verification process that is simple and straightforward. 

BioMatch can be used on any smart device, any operating system, and is easily integrated. It can be used for any industry, at any level of risk, in any country. 

Every element has privacy and security in mind, with all data encrypted in the cloud, and no images stored, in order to protect PII. BioMatch meets GDPR and is ISO 27001 certified. 

BioMatch keeps customers online, and allows them to onboard or verify themselves in real-time. This gives a high-level of security, while being a straightforward and seamless process. 

Our solution allows for multi-factor authentication built to scale. It allows companies and organisations to protect themselves against the use of stolen IDs, and fraudulent attempts such as account takeover.

Facial authentication is the future

Over the last twenty years identity fraud has increased 160%, and last year 8 out of 10 identity theft cases took place online. It’s a huge global issue. The solution is biometric. Many banks are now using facial authentication, but there are some banks and many e-commerce companies that need to catch-up and implement this modern approach to avoid fraud and losses.

However, facial recognition needs to be flawless. Many platforms are substandard, with recent cases where it’s been possible to achieve verification by presenting a photograph, or with Apple FaceID software being confused by identical twins. With our solution this does not happen. 

BioMatch and iDocufy are best-in-class, customer-friendly, and offer total protection. They, along with our other solutions, are all available via a single Sodium API, and can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, for the best user experience and the ultimate authentication. 


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