Solution Series: iDocufy and insights on automated document verification

Solution Series: iDocufy and insights on automated document verification

This is the next installment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. This time it’s iDocufy, which offers automated identity document verification, using software that can recognise and read any national ID document in the world, in seconds. 

This is everything you need to know, with a product sheet available to download at the end…

What is iDocufy?

iDocufy allows customers to verify themselves using a national identity document, such as a driving licence, passport, national ID card, or any other national ID. It’s a quick and easy step that takes seconds, and is easily added into the online customer sign-up process for any type of website or app where ID verification is required (or preferable for security reasons).

New customers are simply asked to take a photo of the front and back of their identity document, using their smartphone camera (or via a desktop or tablet camera) and the software then recognises the document type (out of over 5,000 from all over the world), authenticates that the document is genuine, and then reads the personal details printed on the ID, biometrically analyses any photo present, and captures any electronic data. 

iDocufy does all of this in seconds, and then cross-references the customer’s inputted details at point of sign-up (name, date of birth, address) with the details present on the national ID, to check that they match, and if so the user is verified.       

It’s lightening fast, which enables real-time verification, which is what customers want, yet it provides companies and organisations with the security (and often the regulation compliance) they need.

How does it work?

ID is verified in three simple steps:

1) A customer uploads photos of an ID document.

2) The document is analysed (for any inconsistencies or indications of falsification).

3) Details are cross-referenced to verify the customer. 

Advanced OCR technology extracts the printed PII from the document to cross-reference against the results of the customer’s digital verification, in seconds. 

iDocufy is completely consent-based, GDPR complaint, and can be used on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone, and is mobile-optimised.

iDocufy can be embedded into the sign-up process at any point, and can also be combined with our best-in-class facial authentication, BioMatch. This sister solution uses AI to biometrically analyse a customers face in real-time, using their smartphone camera (tablet or desktop camera) to match the photo on a national ID with the user, at the point of sign-up, for an extra level of security.

You can find out more about national ID verification here.

What are the benefits?

iDocufy lets you verify anyone in the world in seconds, using an automated tool that can read any national ID document in real-time, which makes onboarding quick and easy. This means better customer experience, less customer drop-offs, and as a result increased revenues. 

GLOBAL SOLUTION. Our solution utilises a global database of over 5,000 types of ID. 

INCREASED ONBOARDING. Onboard up to 60% more customers. 

AUTOMATED PROCESS. Eliminate manual review costs with a fully automated solution. 

POSITIVE USER EXPERIENCE. A verification process that is simple and straightforward. 

iDocufy offers a seamless user journey that keeps the customer online, and allows them to verify themselves and onboard in real-time. Traditional methods of ID document verification take hours or days, which leads to customer frustration and drop-offs, and therefore lost revenues.

iDocufy accurately assesses document authenticity and captures both visual and electronic document data. Capable of e-Chip authentication, where one is present, it compares chip data against visually extracted data from the document and ensures authenticity against the Public Key Infrastructure of the issuing authority. 

Unlike some other document/biometric providers, our solution returns an easy-to-understand set of results, alerts and scores alongside overall pass/fail results, which makes it easy to use for clients, as well as being easy to integrate. 

It’s the perfect solution for ID document verification.

Used by border guards around the world

iDocufy is a global solution, and our software is used by border guards around the world. This is due to its superior level of accuracy and security, and because it can recognise any national ID document in the world. There is not a single document that iDocufy cannot read, authenticate and verify. 

The types of documents most commonly verified are national ID cards, driving licences, and passports. However, iDocufy can also verify birth certificate, residence document, voter ID, permit, visa, vehicle registration, weapon licence, tribal identification, and beyond.

An innovative consent-based approach to KYC & AML, that’s easily integrated, and can be combined with other solutions through a single Sodium API, and provides the customer with real-time onboarding and access, and provides companies with increased customer numbers, and increased security, and increased revenues. 


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