The SMART way to verify identity in the Digital World

The SMART way to verify identity in the Digital World

Using traditional credit data doesn’t work. There is a quicker, easier, and more accurate way. Using data-on-demand allows you to onboard more customers, safely, in seconds.

Did you know there is a new demand for digital verification? 

There has been an exponential rise in the use of digital-only channels; in banking, retail, entertainment, and almost every aspect of modern life. 

As accounts and transactions have shifted into the digital space, fraud has increased greatly, and as such it’s essential for companies to keep up with the evolution, and to enable, and to protect customers within these channels and platforms. 

According to a recent Whitepages Pro report, identity verification is now a priority for 93 percent of e-commerce and online lending organisations. 

However, modern verification requires deeper data than many companies typically use. To move from old credit data, to current and customer-centric data. For example, most lenders will reach out to the big three credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The issue with their data is that it leaves out millions of customers who have insufficient credit history. 

The better way is data on demand. Where a customer’s details can be checked via an API to their utility provider in moments. The customer opts in, and the automated check means no data is stored by the company, removing the associated risk of data breach. What’s more, it provides more accurate results, which allows higher customer acquisition, and quicker onboarding.   

Data on demand allows companies to onboard customers onto any platform, from e-commerce and online gambling, to online banking and cryptocurrency platforms, anywhere in the world. 

It’s easy and customer-centric, and takes minutes, rather than the hours or days which most traditional or manual checks take. As such it is now being used widely by businesses worldwide, to improve customer acquisition rates and user experience, and reduce fraud rates and costs associated with outdated methods of verification.  

How we can help

Verify and onboard up to 68% more customers than with traditional identity verification methods, using our solutions available via a single universal API. With one simple, global solution we can enable you to verify your customers in real-time whilst significantly uplifting your customer acquisition.

Our address verification solution, UtilityConnect, allows your business to access live utility data in order to check customer details against current rather than old data. It means customers can onboard in seconds, rather than wait hours or days, or risk getting turned away incorrectly. 


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