The value of credential capturing to start your business process.

Almost all business processes start with the need for customer information and identity verification. Think about the last time you submitted an insurance claim, applied for a credit card, signed up for a retail loyalty program, or even rented a car. Chances are that you didn’t just provide a wink and a smile on your way out the door, but you handed over some sort of identification….and waited. Yes, waited. Why for example, is picking up a rental car so painful? Why does it seem that everything must be laboriously written at the desk?

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if it went something like this….

  1. Insert credit card into machine – name, payment details, identification & license details, chosen insurance/upgrade options are all retrieved from system, with the car key dispensed along with a contract copy that includes location of car and a diagram listing all previously noted scratches/dents.
  1. Go to car. Inspect for any discrepancies between printed picture and reality, alerting nearby staff member if anything seen.
  1. Drive off.

That’s it. 5-10 minutes from arriving at the rental point and you’re out of the airport and on your way to wherever you need to go.

Is that an oversimplification? We don’t think so. We think that at the beginning of each business process is the ideal moment for great customer satisfaction and service. And automating the initial intake is the first step.

By automating information intake, you’ll increase accuracy, minimize customer waiting and irritation, and allow more time for customer interaction and connection. That automated process has to be easy for your team to use, too, so that they’ll have fewer keystrokes and forms. The result is that you’ll capture more and better information, and deliver real time insights directly to your team.

Automating information intake and identity verification also means that you’re able to identify a customer quickly and to process documentation effectively. Information from that captured ID can then be automatically populated into internal and external systems for verification, cross-referencing, and customer management to help you provide superior transactional services.

is where Acuant’s award-winning and patented credential management solutions come in.

What else can you expect with our solutions?

Speed. With Acuant, information intake can be completed in mere seconds, which adds up to substantial resource savings.

Accuracy. Whether you use our hardware or your own devices, our software delivers industry-leading accuracy.

Reliability. Acuant always stays a step ahead of the ever changing technological landscape, ensuring you with the most advance identity solution available.


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