Why Digital Identity is the Linchpin for a Post-COVID World: Introducing Acuant Health

Why Digital Identity is the Linchpin for a Post-COVID World: Introducing Acuant Health

Slowly, businesses across the country are beginning to reopen with new restrictions and guidelines. There has been a massive move to digital options, including an uptick in telehealth usage, creating “touchless” options for onboarding patients and verifying health status via apps.

The combination of fear, loosened health care regulations, and expected stimulus payments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could unleash a larger-than-usual surge of health care scams and fraud. For decades, fraudsters have used consumer-facing scams and payer-facing fraud schemes. Healthcare fraud in the US approaches $300 billion annually.

Digital transformation makes healthcare targets such as hospitals, clinical laboratories, specialty care centers, retail pharmacies, medical and dental practices even more attractive to bad actors. In this new digital world, having a standardized, streamlined flow of patient information – one that includes identity safeguards – is critical. With identity verification, healthcare providers can reduce risk for telemedicine, ensure prescriptions are distributed to legitimate patients, comply with emerging patient-protection mandates and combat insurance and payment fraud.

We understand the pressures the healthcare industry is faced with – especially in these challenging times. As healthcare providers struggle to transact with trust, to serve its customers with easy onboarding and better UX, and to protect against ID fraud, we are focused on bridging the gap between identity and health. That’s why we launched Acuant Health, bringing trusted, innovative, and powerful identity solutions to health and wellness industry.

The launch of Acuant Health is a natural evolution to our existing healthcare solutions that our more than 200 healthcare partners globally rely on every day. Acuant® Well ID introduces mobile tools and applications that government agencies and employers can use to determine their threshold for allowing individuals to quarantine, return to work, as well as customize app workflows and data collection according to their needs. These tools are easy to use, can typically be assembled in two to four weeks, and enable Acuant Ozone® cryptography and hash authentication technology to ensure security and privacy.

We’ve also partnered with Evident to launch Evident Health Status, a method of collecting and tracking health information at scale to keep front-line workers and the general public safe. This mobile application relies on Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform to protect employee privacy by transmitting employee health data securely, with end-to-end encryption, and full consent controls.

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