5 Trends Impacting the Document Identification & Verification (ID&V) Market

The accelerating digital landscape has resulted in the rapid growth of digital services such as digital banking, telehealth and online marketplaces. With many businesses, particularly those in banking and financial services, serving more customers online, the importance of accurately verifying...


The Top 6 GDPR Fines & The Importance of Data Privacy

In response to the continuous mishandling of consumer data by companies and the ongoing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches exposing people’s personally identifiable information (PII), legislative bodies around the world are placing a strong focus on the issues of...


Privacy in the Era of Health Passports

As travel, both foreign and domestic, picks back up and the world returns to pre-pandemic work and life, governments around the world are grappling with how to address the influx of travelers and people getting back into their daily routines,...


Acuant and Airside Partner to Bring Safe Sharing of Verified Digital Identities

We have all experienced a growing reliance on remote services and digital technology that was sped up by the pandemic. From electronic payments to mobile orders for groceries to telehealth visits, our comfort level with taking care of business from...


Is It Time to Ditch Passwords Once and for All?

Speed and security have become of paramount importance for any business dealing with customer data. Customers want to be able to access their accounts and services as soon as possible, but they expect their information to remain safe and secure...


Introducing My Digital ID from Acuant | Debuting in Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials

Verify Once, Use Everywhere As announced at Ignite, Microsoft is breaking ground to introduce verifiable credentials in Azure Active Directory, encouraging the adoption of a Zero Trust approach in the wake of today’s increasing fraud landscape. Acuant was chosen as...


Would Identity Verification Make Social Media Safer?

As people have become even more connected online, social media usage has continued to rise and play a wider role in our everyday lives. When used right, social media is an incredible form of communication and can be a force...


How Much Is Your Data Worth on the Dark Web?

Much of what you’ll find on the dark web gives it its shadowy reputation; the majority of dark websites are used for criminal activities, primarily drugs and finance. Shopping for illicit material is very different to popping down to your...


The Response to Fraud in 2020

Fraud is on the rise globally and fraudsters are continually developing new ways to attack businesses and customers. Millions of people are affected by fraud every year and it is estimated that in 2019, criminals made $4.2 trillion from fraudulent...


How Anonymous Is Cryptocurrency?

In the early days, it was commonly thought that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were a safe haven for criminals because they were untraceable and entirely anonymous.  However, as organizations and the public gained a better understanding of blockchain technology, it became...


Do You Know How Your Identity Is Used in a Day?

It is estimated that the cost of identity fraud to the UK economy is £5.4billion and that cybercrime and fraud make up almost 50% of reported crime. Your identity is arguably your most valuable asset, but how often are you...


The Dark Web: Is my data out there?

The Dark Web (which can also be referred to as “The Deep Web” or “The Invisible Web”) makes up at least 85% of the internet. With some sources stating that traditional search engines only see 0.03% of the entire web,...

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