Reducing Due Diligence from Weeks to Minutes

The regulated sector is diverse and institutions must keep pace with developing rules and regulations in order to remain compliant. As such, creating a smooth onboarding process which is both robust and efficient is no mean feat. The challenge for...


Know Your Guest: The Importance of Travel Risk Management & ISO 31030

The travel and tourism industry has long been one of the largest industries in the world. According to the UNWTO*, in 2019, Europe alone saw 744 million international tourists. Though it came to an almost standstill as a result of...


What’s Next for AML?

The global AML landscape is diverse and financial institutions must keep pace with rules and regulations in order to remain compliant. But regulations are constantly evolving and businesses must also be prepared to move swiftly, adopt new standards, and protect themselves...


Fighting First-Party Fraud by Monitoring Customer Risk

First-party fraud is when individuals—for their own purposes or on behalf of others—using a real or synthetic identity enter an exchange of some sort for goods or services without intending to follow through on the future payment(s). This can include...


The Future of Identity in Gaming

The gaming landscape has changed dramatically over the past 12 months with more traditional players having to opt for online services. Moving further into the digital space means gaming and gambling is now done in real-time. However, the identity verification...


What is Bayesian Belief? A Dummies Guide

At Acuant, we use various advanced analytics techniques to derive meaningful insights from unstructured data. Bayesian Belief Networks are one of techniques we use in our models and here, we will explore just what they are. (more…)


Why No Code Tech Is A Game-Changer For Identity Proofing In The Era Of Digital Transformation

Glenn Larson is the Vice President of Engineering at Acuant and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Read his article for the Forbes Technology Council below, or find the original...


How to Protect Your Business and Comply with AML Regulations in LATAM

Money laundering is a significant issue faced by banks and other financial institutions, particularly in the Latin American regions. To counteract this fraudulent behavior, governments are being more proactive in their countermeasures against money laundering and exploitative practices, by introducing...


Solving KYC Challenges for FinTech Startups

Knowing your ideal customer is one of the most fundamental aspects of starting any business, but for those in the financial sector, it’s a regulatory requirement. (more…)


Crypto Casinos: A Gateway to The World of Crypto

Things move quickly in the world of cryptocurrency and the value of assets like Bitcoin have recently risen to their highest price in years. When markets continually experience price hikes of the like we’ve seen recently, investors can feel they...


The Impact of 6AMLD on Virtual Currencies

In recent years, consumer demands and technological innovations have instigated a radical transformation of the payments space. The rise of FinTech in particular has been a significant mobilizer of change, driving faster, cross-border payments. Among the latest developments, is an...


Reducing The Risk of Underage Gambling

The UK gambling landscape is constantly evolving with the addition of new forms of gaming and ways to access them. But there are areas where regulation is lagging behind the development of the industry and worryingly, these represent a gateway...

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