3 ways to curb trending fraud in finance

IDology’s Fifth Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study finds that 57% of consumers created an online account in 2022, up from 50% in 2021, indicating continued growth in digital adoption. In a recent webinar with BAI, our Chief Product Officer, Heidi...


Why we need KYD (Know Your Date) verification in the era of online dating

The digital era has ushered in a host of options for online dating. Much like the world of online financial transactions, this has also brought a host of fraudulent activity and risk to all demographics. Who hasn’t learned about catfishing...


3 Onboarding Challenges FinTechs Face

The key component to long-term business success is customer satisfaction. With online users used to—expecting—the instant gratification of swift and hassle-free experiences, adapting to the rapidly evolving digital and mobile landscapes is a must for FinTechs. Our consumer study found...


3 Tips to Win Over Consumers this Holiday Season

Shoppers aren’t letting price bumps and out-of-stock messages get them down. Instead, they are making the holidays all about quality experiences—whether it’s in person, purely digital or a hybrid. This holiday season will be no exception to consumers’ demands for secure...


How to Meet Consumer Demand for Secure and Convenient Digital Experiences

This is a guest post from IDology. Read on to get a preview of their new Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study and to view their new infographic. Data from a recent IDology study shows consumers want both and, with the...


PACE Protocol Now Supported in Acuant Ozone® for NFC-based Identity Verification

Accurately and securely validating physical and digital identity documents is critical, especially when it comes to border crossings and onboarding for financial institutions. Today, more identity documents are being scanned in a mobile environment, so having effective data protection measures...


Finding the Right Level of KYC for Online Gaming & Gambling

Knowing your ideal customer is one of the most fundamental aspects of any business, but for those in the gaming and gambling sectors, it’s a regulatory requirement. The global regulatory landscape is diverse, and businesses must keep up with developing...


How Fintechs Can Protect Data Privacy During Onboarding

Approximately 149 million Americans don’t think companies do enough to safeguard their information. Overcoming this consumer skepticism with a secure and consent-based data collection policy will be instrumental for fintechs when onboarding new and repeat customers. Acuant and IDology attended...


Why First Impressions at Customer Onboarding are Key to Building Trust

Research has confirmed that not only do humans base a significant amount of their short and long-term judgments on their first impressions, but they form those judgments very quickly. In fact, a series of experiments by psychologists from Princeton University...


The Imperative of Digital Webinar: The Importance of Rapid Transformation for FIs

At our recent webinar, Acuant’s Chief Product Officer Jose Caldera met with Aite-Novarica’s Head of Risk Insights & Advisory Julie Conroy to discuss the implications of the global pandemic on the rapid digital transformation of the financial industry and how...


Onboarding for Online Gaming and Gambling

With people spending more time online than ever, industries are finding that having a strong online component of their business is critical to maintaining a competitive edge and not losing customers. In response to the digital acceleration and transformation of...


Mitigating Risk & Establishing Trust with Identity Verification

Trust is an imperative aspect of any relationship, especially when building a loyal customer base, and is even harder when conducting transactions and establishing relationships online. The recent influx of remote and online transactions has meant more fraud—there were over...

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