The Rise and Rise of Mobile Gaming

Gaming ‘chat’ at the moment seems to be dominated by the impending release of next-generation consoles, yet the most popular form of gaming is already in the hands of every smartphone owner in the world... (more…)


The Move to Digital Means More Challenges: A Case for Mobile Verification & Automated KYC

We all know that data breaches and identity fraud were on the rise before COVID-19, but now we are seeing an even sharper increase due to current operations being unprepared. With a 250% increase in digital channel usage, fraudsters are increasingly taking advantage of businesses and preying on consumers. How do businesses combat and...


7 Principles for Better Onboarding Players

Ensuring that your customer has a positive onboarding experience is key to avoiding drop-offs and enhancing the user experience.  When a customer signs up to your business, the onboarding process is the first experience of your business that they will...


Capturing the Millennial Market with Identity Verification

From a business perspective, capturing millennial business and future tech-focused generations is vital. At least 54% of their purchases are online and they exercise significant purchasing power: there are roughly 80 million Millennials in the U.S. and in 2020 are...


How lenders can automate consumer onboarding

In recent years, digital onboarding methods have enabled online lenders to grow rapidly. Traditional lenders, such as banks, have been unable to keep up with the streamlined consumer experience offered by their online counterparts. Implementing a digital-first approach for onboarding...


How remote onboarding & regulations are being addressed globally

Around the global financial service providers are regulated for the purposes of minimising fraud, reducing money laundering and limiting the funding of crime & terrorism. Today, many of the financial markets have to comply with global regulations, such as the...


How Financial Institutions Address Remote Onboarding and Regulations Globally

Financial Institutions (FIs) around the world are heavily regulated with the goal of reducing money laundering and funding of terrorism. Complying with global regulations such as FATF and the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, keeping track of sanctions and politically...


Ways to instantly onboard more gaming users

2020 was forecast to be a year of growth for many gaming operators, which now looks unlikely given the global impact of COVID-19. However, there has been some positive uplift in the industry due to an increase in online players...


Safe passage for all? Not if you can’t onboard without traditional data

The first recorded use of the word identity in English was in 1545, by a rather controversial Churchman named John Bale – or, to those unfortunate enough to have quarrelled with him, ‘bilious Bale’. Back in the 16th Century however,...


Don’t fear the loss of onboarding, think digital

Just how much time do we spend online? Rather a lot, it would seem. According to We Are Social’s latest study, the world’s internet users will cumulatively spend a mind-boggling 1.25 billion years online in 2020. To put that into...


Don’t be caught out by hidden costs of consumer onboarding

All businesses are looking to acquire new customers, but their competitors are too. A poor onboarding process can frustrate new customers which can result in greater volumes of abandonment. This means a business will increase its acquisition costs and worst...


Are online gaming firms losing younger players at the first hurdle?

In recent years, online gaming has become a booming industry - having held steady and even undergone growth in the face of overall market decline. In 2019 however, two things changed; in May the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) implemented strict...

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