What Is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

Decentralized finance has grown to an $80 billion industry in 2021. It is easy to see why there is so much to speculate on, but what is DeFi? Decentralized finance (DeFi) upends the notion that a central authority must regulate...


Shortcomings of Manually Entering Utility Bill Data

Organisations have long struggled with the task of collecting data from disparate utility providers. With big data, sustainability and reducing energy costs, it should be easier than ever for organisations to access the energy data they need to make smarter,...


Best Practices for Implementing AI in Banking

Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly integral to the world we live in and many large financial institutions have already started using AI.  The promises of AI are great, but understanding the considerations needed to build and implement AI within an...


The Biggest Threats to Banks

Today’s financial landscape is very different to that of yesteryear. Countless new business practices, regulations and compliance procedures have emerged, while technological innovation has rapidly changed business models and operational processes. Those who wish to access financial services are no...


What Affects the Value of Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has long been a volatile market, with rises and falls of 40% or more in a matter of days not uncommon. But, with volatility comes opportunity and some savvy investors have capitalised on massive gains over the years. The...


How Alternative Data Can Help Create a More Inclusive Financial World

The use of alternative data has the potential to put previously ‘invisible’ individuals on the map, unlocking opportunities for financial inclusion and economic growth. Exponential amounts of data are being created online every single day, but is it being used...


Do We Live in a Fair World of Finance?

There is a clear disparity between those worldwide who physically cannot access financial services because their data is not held on 'traditional' sources, and those whose data is held online through the use of smart devices... Creating 'a more inclusive...


Payments + Fraud Prevention & Compliance = IdentityMind (now Acuant Compliance) Added to Dwolla Partner Ecosystem

Payments are a key ingredient of online business. Dwolla works with a wide variety of companies to quickly enable them to collect and disperse payments online. However, doing business online requires being able to identify and verify your customers, and...


The future of marketing and how to make your brand stand out

Imagine being part of a generation who grew up with the ability to get anything they wanted from the touch of a button. Now imagine those same experiences applying to everyone, how can you market to them whilst understanding their...


The value of customer loyalty and how to increase it

If you are looking to increase customer loyalty then leveraging digital data will enable you to deliver a more in-depth personalised experience for your customers. The big issue with benefiting from the increased value of loyal customers is that, in...


Why Innovation for Traditional Markets is Key

Identity theft has become one of the largest issues and the biggest growing threat to 'traditional markets' such as payday lenders in recent years. With the increase growing significantly since lenders have began to primarily operate online - can innovation...


Have you exceeded your annual volume checks already?

The changes to the LCCP from the UK Gambling Commission take effect on 7th May - but are you already exceeding your usage for verification checks with your verification provider? As mentioned previously (here), there are a number of changes...

Acuant is now a GBG cmpany Acuant is now a GBG company


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