Acuant Compliance to Meet Cryptocurrency Challenges

Automated KYC & Identity Verification


Complete SaaS Platform to Manage Your Risk & Meet AML Compliance

The unprecedented rise of cryptocurrency has unveiled numerous challenges for crypto exchanges. Inefficient onboarding, fraudulent payments and heightened regulation requirements have created a daunting environment for exchanges to ensure their processes are secure and compliant while remaining user-friendly.


Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform automates your KYC and identity verification workflows to approve trusted users anywhere in the world. We allow you to meet global anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, manage fraud and fight financial crime in one platform. Advanced AI-powered machine learning technology allows you to automatically approve or deny users and understand the risk of a specific identity in real time.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Improve Onboarding


Reduce transaction time


Automate KYC/AML & identity verification


Improve customer experience

Manage Risk


Automated Transaction Monitoring


Comply with global KYC/AML regulations


Periodic sanctions/PEP screening


Blockchain Analysis


Virtual Currency Risk Assessment


Improve Efficiency


Automatic SAR filing


Access 30+ third-party data sources via 1 API


Adapt UI to your team & workflows



Identity Document Authentication
Identity Document Authentication
Facial Recognition Match & Liveness Test
Facial Recognition Match
Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer
Sanctions Screening
Sanctions Screening
Transaction Monitoring
Transaction Monitoring

Why Choose Acuant

  • Streamline & secure ID proofing to meet KYC, AML, & GDPR regulations for Crypto, Blockchain & Fintech solutions
  • Reduce friction & transaction time with account opening
  • Meet compliance requirements for ICOs, Exchanges & STOs & CIP regulations
  • ISO Certified, SOC 2 & PCI Compliant with end-to-end data encryption
  • Automate transaction risk scoring & reporting
  • Achieve rapid implementation with minimal IT resources
  • Access developer friendly forms & APIs



We prioritize the security of our customers’ funds by conforming to the most rigorous industry standards. Every online and mobile app customer must pass KYC and with Acuant’s deep international and blockchain experience, we have confidence in using its industry-leading KYC solution to help us stay compliant, beat fraudsters and still provide a great customer experience."

Chuck Christofilis
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, CoinZoom


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