Acuant Verify

Data-Centric Verification


Verify More than 90% of the World’s Population


Using data to verify an identity can bring speed, flexibility, and efficiency to onboarding and other process across the customer journey. Data-Centric Verification helps to meet regulatory compliance obligations globally and can be a key component in a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Acuant offers access to an extensive range of global data so you can verify identities in more ways and reach  more of the world’s population. Data-centric verification is a  highly effective way to reach certain demographics including individuals in developing countries, those who lack an official ID, unbanked or underbanked populations, and thin-files.


While each country and region have their own legal requirements, data formatting and accepted data, Acuant provides the best global coverage with data that is up to date and ready to be put to use. Our global solution operates anywhere your customers are to establish trust on demand.


Acuant provides seamless access to third-party data sources, such as credit bureaus, to gather the data required to properly verify an individual online or in-person. You can instantly verify PII Data such as: Name, DOB, Address, Email, Phone, DMV, Tax or Voter Registration ID with options to verify a device and IP/Geo Location as well.

Omnichannel & Layered Solutions



  • Standalone or layered products for every channel: Doc Auth, Facial Rec, Chip, Behavioral, Device, IP, Geo Location, PII Data and more.





  • Our platform with patented eDNA technology allows you to verify everyone you encounter, all nationalities, 200+ countries and territories.





  • One API to access document and identity data verification, biometrics, IP geolocation, device, email and many other services. Gain access to Acuant database of over 400M trusted identities.

Secure & Privacy Minded



  • Protect patient data & protect against data breaches
  • End to end encryption, never storing data or images

While offering access to leading third-party data sources is a key part of our data-centric verification solutions, aggregating and making sense of this data should not be overlooked.  Our orchestration layer brings together and normalizes data to deliver this rich insight through a single API and ensure you are transacting with a trusted identity. The data can be used alone or as part of a layered approach to prevent synthetic identity fraud, protect against identity theft, and minimize other fraud threats. And with the rise in data breaches and information available on the dark web, traditional data-centric verification is most effective when combined with other identity verification methods to get a holistic understanding of a user’s identity profile and whether it can be trusted.


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