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Document-Centric Verification


The Best Global Coverage for Document Authentication


Document-Centric Verification is the most common method of identity verification across the world. It relies on verifying a government-issued ID to approve a transaction or service. Document Authentication tells you if the identity document has been issued by a governing authority by comparing it to official documents in a document library and through a set of security tests. A thorough document verification process can reveal if the document has been forged via tampering tests that match and evaluate security features, incorporating feedback from other forged IDs. Data from the documents can also be extracted and used to query a database to cross-check information on the document. All this activity is critical to catch expired, stolen and forged IDs before it’s too late.


Acuant AssureID offers superior global coverage with intuitive image capture for a remarkable customer experience. Our fully automated verification technology allows you to onboard trusted customers quickly and securely while ensuring their data stays private. Acuant Ozone provides an equally effective authentication experience for passports and eIDs with chips.


Depending on your requirements, document-centric verification may provide enough assurance for a transaction or service on its own.  When  another layer of security is needed, however, document-centric verification can be complemented with additional identify verification methods  to establish an identity with an even greater level of trust.

Superior Global Coverage


  • 6k+ ID library covering 200+ countries and territories. We work with global partners in every industry and provide access to 400M+ Trusted Identities.

Omnichannel & Layered Solutions


  • Stand alone or layered products for every channel: Doc Auth, Facial Rec, Chip, Behavioral, Device, IP, Geo Location, PII Data and more.




  • Cloud-hosted & local options for any use case
  • One API for access to Ozone, Assure ID & FaceID
  • Commercial / government / private cloud & local deployment support




  • Quickly onboard & process customers in any use case
  • Easily access quality image for best results
  • Easy age verification & ID expiration checks

Identity Verification in An Increasingly Digital World


Acuant has collaborated with One World Identity for our newest white paper “Establishing Trust: Identity Verification in an Increasingly Digital World” to examine the importance of identity verification in today’s increasingly digital world and how organizations can mitigate risk without compromising trust.


This report will provide the building blocks for organizations to design the right digital identity model that meets the needs of your customer base, balances friction vs. customer experience and aligns with your organization’s risk-based approach.


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