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eDNA & Fraud Prevention


Real Time, Actionable Insights for Fraud Prevention & Risk Scoring


Acuant’s technology of digital identities, eDNA is unique in the marketplace. The digital identity construct provides several features that are fundamental to assess the risk of an identity within specific contexts, and in particular when assessing the risk of onboarding an individual or a business. Easily harness the power of Acuant’s eDNA with any solution configuration in our platform for advanced insight.


Reputation: The Acuant platform assigns a reputational score based on past behaviors. The score is the result of heuristics and the validation against models that evaluate the likelihood of it being the same identity, or an attempt to subvert such identity.  Results across our client base during an onboarding situation indicate an accuracy of 99.97%. Identities with a Suspicious or Bad reputation are rejected in almost every case, with an insult rate (accepted after being rejected) of 0.001%.


IdentityGraph – EntityLink Analysis:There is a direct correlation between the complexity of an identity graph and the risk of the individual. Within the Acuant platform identities are stored (and presented) in graphs. Supervised machine learning algorithms are trained to identify identity graphs that are likely risky and therefore need to be evaluated. These algorithms can be informed by the specifics of your business through the integration of tags that represent your specific risk.


EntityLink API: Many clients have their own risk models, therefore Acuant provides access to the identity graph in a simple API. This way clients can inform their own models based on the graph characteristics.

Risk Reduction



  • Best in class, patented solutions that combine machine learning with human oversight for the highest level of accuracy.

Build & Proof Identities



Build identities based on custom attributes, leveraging a single API to get access to 30+ verification data sources. Proof identities to determine risk of doing business with the entity.

Monitor & Re-Use Identities



Identities are updated with each interaction. Use only the latest data to make decisions. Encrypted identities can be securely re-used across companies and business units to thwart attacks.

Graph Intelligence: Measuring Risk on Digital Identities

The Graph Intelligence White Paper provides insight into Acuant’s patented Digital Identity Technology eDNA and how we utilize graph intelligence and machine learning to measure risk on digital identities.


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