Establishing Trust: Identity Verification in an Increasingly Digital World

Acuant has collaborated with One World Identity for our newest white paper “Establishing Trust: Identity Verification in an Increasingly Digital World” to examine the importance of identity verification in today’s increasingly digital world and how organizations can mitigate risk without compromising trust.

This report will provide the building blocks for organizations to design the right digital identity model that meets the needs of your customer base, balances friction vs. customer experience and aligns with your organization’s risk-based approach.

In this report you will learn about:

    • The Elusive “Goldilocks Zone” for Identity Verification: Getting It Just Right
    • The Building Blocks of Identity Verification & Balancing Friction
    • Selecting the Right Risk-Based Identity Verification
    • Identity Verification in the Wild
    • Recommendations

Download the report today to learn more.

Identity Verification, digital identity, risk-based approach


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