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Online Identity Verification to Prevent Fraud & Simplify KYC/AML Compliance


It is more important than ever to verify that you are transacting with a real person that is who they claim to be. Acuant FaceID allows you to establish trust in seconds from anywhere in the world with a quick selfie. Create a seamless user experience, onboard and verify on all channels, increase conversion rates, prevent fraud and meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.


We utilize machine learning and biometrics to automate the verification process and offer best-in-class solutions that are NIST tested and iBeta compliant with Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Level 1 & 2 awards. One-to-One biometric facial matching with a liveness test determines genuine presence of a live person by matching the image extracted from an ID to a selfie.


FaceID integrates seamlessly with all Acuant solutions, such as document authentication, for fast and easy multi-factor authentication. Access the power of Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform with complete identity proofing and compliance solutions to address your level of risk, reduce customer friction and protect your business.

Read the Acuant FaceID Privacy Statement here.

Automate & Streamline: How it Works

How It Works - Step 1
Capture front & back of the ID to authenticate the document
How It Works - Step 2
Take a selfie for real time matching to ID image & liveness test
How It Works - Step 3
Receive face match confidence score & confirmation of liveness

Upgraded Identity Verification

Create a faster remote onboarding & verification experience


Replace KBA, passwords, 2FA & SMS codes


Best global coverage

Best-In-Class Technology

1:1 Face Match & NIST tested algorithms used by trusted partners


PAD Level 1 & 2 liveness detection


Omnichannel support for iOS, Android & HTML

Secure & Privacy Minded

Address risk including meeting AML regulations & government security


Strict data and image retention


Uses token validation & encryption

Customizable Solutions   

Tailored to your use case


Utilize your branding & white label mobile apps


Easily access entire Acuant Trusted Identity Platform

Passive Liveness Explained

Facial Recognition Match must include a liveness test for the best fraud prevention. A liveness test ensures that there is a real person present instead of a photo, video playback or even a mask. Read the guide to find out why Passive Liveness is key to anti-spoofing and providing a frictionless customer experience.


  • Securely Onboard Customers (KYC & AML)
  • Verify High Risk Transactions
  • Quickly Re-Verify Users for Seamless Transactions
  • Enable Fast & Easy Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Reset & Credential Management
  • Password or Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Replacement


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