Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Fraud Management

Advances In AI Are Reshaping The Fraud Management Landscape

Preventing financial crime requires a coordinated yet nimble strategy along with the resources to execute. Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform brings together market-tested solutions and 3rd party data for complete identity proofing, compliance, and fraud prevention. But as the fight against fraud intensifies, another level of sophistication is required. That’s where Acuant’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities come in to analyze risk and automate the detection of suspicious activity to stay ahead of an array of modern-day fraud threats.

Artificial intelligence for fraud detection went through a long period of maturation plagued by high rates of false positives and inexplicable decisioning. But AI and machine learning (ML) tools have since become an essential part of leading fraud management solutions including Acuant’s. This report from Forrester identifies key fraud management use cases where AI can help and maps how security and risk (S&R) professionals can use major AI technologies in each situation.

The report covers the following topics:

• AI Transforms Fraud Management Use Cases
• Use Cases Have Common Technical Requirements
• Combine AI Technologies To Empower Fraud Management
• Select Technologies Relevant To Each Use Case

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