Best Practices: Customer Identity And Access Management

How Site Design, Enrollment, Authentication, And Self-Service Affect Your Customer’s Security Journey

A digital customer journey is now an essential offering for virtually all providers of goods and services. This journey begins by onboarding new customers quickly and safely, but providers need to be sure that the customers they onboard are who they claim to be. Acuant understands this challenge like no one else in the market and offers complete identity proofing in a single platform. With the ability to verify customers using documents, data, or biometrics along with the intelligence to create a holistic view of identity based on these techniques, Acuant helps firms reduce fraud risk and interact with trust across the customer journey.

The role of customer identity and access management (CIAM) to improve a firm’s ability to build a delightful customer journey is increasing; at the same time, CIAM must support ever-tougher customer acquisition and retention business objectives. In this report from Forrester, they describe the drivers of implementing robust CIAM processes and tooling, examine key CIAM site design principles, walk through major points of the customer journey, and highlight best practices for enrollment, authentication, and self-service.

The report covers the following topics:

• CIAM Underpins Digital Transformation And Is A Source Of Security Woes
• CIAM Site Design And Maintenance: Separate CIAM From Business Functions
• Authentication: Ditch Passwords And Allow Customers To Configure Their Login
• Self-Service: Provide The User Feedback, Limit User Information Collected

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