Integrated Hardware Products

Acuant manufactures image capture devices optimized for use with our software. Devices read drivers’ licenses, passports, medical insurance cards, and other government issues IDs quickly and accurately for a complete turnkey solution. Additionally, we proudly work with select partners to certify TWAIN compatible scanners as well. Below is a continuously growing list of Acuant and certified partner devices.


Driver’s License & IDs

Driver’s License & IDs

Passports & IDs

Passports & IDs

  • Acuant InfinitID®
  • Acuant SnapShell® P5
  • Thales Gemalto AT9000 MK2
  • Thales Gemalto AT10K 550
  • Thales Gemalto QS1000
  • ARH Combo Smart
  • ARH PRMc 223
  • Fujitsu Fi60/Fi65
  • DESKO PENTA Scanner
  • DESKO ICON Scanner

Kiosks: Passports & IDs


  • Acuant ID-1501
  • Thales Gemalto AT10K OEM
  • ArH Combo Scan Kiosk
  • DESKO ICON Scanner

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