Health Certifications in the Era of COVID

As the world has started moving to a post-pandemic reality, a new set of processes seem to be evolving to support the back to travel/back to event/back to life activities that we have all been eagerly awaiting. It is understandable that we will now need to remove as much risk as possible from a return to these activities, with the lowest amount of friction to the process, and the highest degree of trust in these new processes. It is also clear that any of these new processes will involve the sharing of Private or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), specifically related to a verifiable proof of identity and its binding to health status information.

The question then becomes – what is the most effective solution set for governments, industry, private entities, and the public to accomplish this sharing in a privacy protecting, contactless, and frictionless manner?

This white paper will provide an overview of several global initiatives that are attempting to take the first step, and the mechanisms that can be employed to leverage the trust frameworks on which they rely.

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