The Power of Acuant + Hello Soda


We are excited to announce that Acuant has acquired Hello Soda and is bringing the teams and technology together to strengthen our Trusted Identity Platform. Acuant will combine its award-winning platform with Hello Soda’s top-performing technology that utilizes advanced analytics and composite scoring models to drive a more accurate identity assessment for actionable insight. Combined with Acuant, this will be the most comprehensive identity platform and provide one place to meet all your needs.


Acuant executes against one of the most difficult challenges we face within our society today: addressing if a person truly is who they claim they are and delivering the answer with certainty and trust. Hello Soda shares our mission of powering trust for the world’s population via accessible and secure identity verification, compliance (AML/KYC) and fraud prevention. Together, we are expanding our global reach and bringing trust to more of the world by enabling people to verify their identity.


All-In-One Platform


  • Customizable based on your risk
  • Instant identity & KYC checks with real time reporting & ID scoring
  • No code & no integration required, single API platform
  • Flexible, scalable & secure

Most Global Coverage


  • Best global coverage to verify majority of the world’s population
  • Traditional IDV solutions: doc auth, biometric & data
  • Alternative data solutions: digital footprint to verify id scores, fraud scores, employment scores & geotags

Risk Mitigation


  • Real time decisioning with AI & machine learning for risk scoring
  • Search 600M+ records on the Dark Web for customer’s information & monitor PII against compromised data
  • Blockchain analysis & cryptocurrency compliance

Hello Soda Partners Include:


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